K&F Line 212-60

K&F Line 212-60


Full power forward

The Line 212 belongs to the rare category of large, full-range systems with passive crossover. Equipped with a sophisticated filter network, the Line 212 has all virtues of a high grade, active, multiple-use system that, however, needs just one single amplifier channel. Even in the low mid-range, the FLC®-technology, developed and patented by Kling & Freitag, produces a dispersion pattern which progresses very directionally and homogeneously. In doing so, two matching speaker chassis are acoustically coupled to a column speaker (line array/line) and, using the passive FLC® electronics, they are controlled phase matched in frequency bands of different widths. The frequency-selective addition of both 12″ membranes results in a highly efficient and acoustically optimised speaker unit. In this way, the line 212 proves convincing with regard to deep bass response, high peak sound pressure and special homogeneity of the omnidirectional sound distribution. Ready, steady, go!

One for all

The high playback quality combined with the unique dispersion pattern and high achievable maximal sound pressure make the Line 212 Systems the first choice for all usages with medial acoustic range. They offer a high level of flexibility in use as a mobile PA system or in fixed installations, such as in a theatre, a conference centre, an event hall or a small stadium. Alone or combined in a cluster, horizontal or vertical, on a stage or flown – the variety of combinations with Line 212 systems is enormous. The accredited and easy-to-use ‘Click & Fly®’ system enables quick and safe setup. The Line 212 systems are optimally operated with the K&F PLM+and D series SystemAmps, either as a full-range system or a top unit – and extended by the K&F subwoofers of the NOMOS series if needed. Always flexible, versatile, impressive!


Line 212-6: 2 x 12″/1 x 1.5″ 65° x 50° (H x V)
Line 212-9: 2 x 12″/1 x 1.5″ 90° x 50° (H x V)