Recline Inclinometer set, 2*Sensor, 1*Display 2ch.

Recline Inclinometer set, 2*Sensor, 1*Display 2ch.

Main Features:

  • +/- 30 Degrees Measurement Range
  • < +/- 0.1 Degrees of Accuracy
  • <5mw 532nm Green Laser
  • Magnetic Attachment System
  • XLR3, XLR5 or RJ45 etherCON connectors
  • Secondary safety
  • Weatherproof
  • Tour Proof Rugged Aluminium Enclosure

Mount to any* Line Array Speaker System

The RECLINE Inclinometer Sensor unit contains a ±30deg inclinometer sensor for measuring angle and a powerful yet eye safe and legal a >5mw Class 3R 532nm (green) laser.  The laser can be used to ensure that your speakers are pointing at the very last seat in of the audience.

A unique integrated magnetic attachment system is also included via the use of neodymium magnets.  These magnets really are strong.  They allow the sensor to simply be placed onto any steel bumper, flying frame or grid.  Its really easy.  If that wasn’t enough there is also a safety / secondary point of contact included too for that added piece of mind!

For more permanent fixing, the enclosure also has four (4) M4 holes to allow the sensor to be attached directly to mounting plates, brackets and clamps.  If you need a custom bracket, let us know, we can make these too.

Data and power is received and transmitted via a 5 pin XLR as standard but we can also supply RJ45 etherCON and in come cases XLR3.

We know that you’ll be using these sensors outside so we’ve included some weather proofing to keep the rain out and the electronic goodness inside.  Don’t be afraid of a light shower but try not to take the sensor swimming.